Helpful and Awesome Kitchen Gadgets


While I am not simply Martha Stewart, I do like to make terrific meals for my family and friends. Personally, there is nothing more enjoyable than spending the full day testing out various recipes. I frequently cook or bake the same meal many times over, with just a minor variation in each version as I try to make things completely perfect. Members of the family frequently provide help with either the cooking or the washing, but having so many people around me while I work only serves to throw every thing off. Instead, I would rather use some of my awesome kitchen gadgets to help get things done faster and better.

It seems sensible that somebody who cooks as much as I do might have a number of awesome kitchen gadgets to play with. But it’s not necessary to become a gourmet chef to get plenty of use out of many of these items. As an example, the gadget I use frequently is a salad spinner. All a salad spinner does is rapidly remove extra water from your newly washed greens by spinning the lettuce leaves around a strainer. That seems pretty low-tech as compared with other awesome kitchen gadgets, but believe me, you will use this virtually every day. It’s much better than preparing a salad with wet leaves or attempting to dry them with a paper towel!

I can’t talk about awesome kitchen gadgets and not mention my french fry cutter. This can be a nifty little device that squeezes whole potatoes into perfectly cut fries which are instantly ready for frying. For those who have kids or if you are a french fry lover yourself, then this item is really a must-have. The fries you make from fresh potatoes taste much better than the frozen brands, with a cutter, it’s not necessary to waste lots of time cutting each potato by hand.

A listing of cool kitchen gadgets has to include some electronic items, so i’ll just tell you about my remote thermometer monitor. This device looks kind of like a baby monitor, with a base and a removable handset. In this instance, the base has an attached thermometer that you could put in a steak, chicken white meat, or turkey out on the grill. Then you can certainly carry the handset around with you and get instant updates on the temperature of your meat with out needing to go out to the grill every couple of minutes. I love it!

And this is simply the tip of the iceberg as much as all my cool kitchen gadgets go. I’ve got a bunch more that make every day tasks and chores much faster and simpler to perform. If you like cooking but want to reduce much of the drudgery involved, then you might like to consider taking a many of these awesome kitchen gadgets for yourself. They are inexpensive and useful, which is a terrific combination!

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